Web Developers

Stayshine responsive web design services:

This page lists the services that Stayshine web developers provide for our small business clients. While some things on this list may be optional, most are not, they are simply part of what goes into having a great small business website design. Not everybody is a web developer, and we get that, so on this page we will try to explain the process we go through to ensure that the end result of your businesses responsive website is the best! If you have any questions then you should feel free to call us at 508-821-6572, send an email to our developers, or view the Stayshine contact page to leave us your information!

A typical website with approximately 3000 words, 4-6 pages, search engine optimization and graphic design will cost about $1250. This is an extremely affordable rate that will be adjusted up or down according to the amount of work that must be done. If your small business has a company website already in place or your business does not require the use of our writing staff, then Stayshine web developers may be able to work that quote down to around $950.

Responsive Design

If you aren’t familiar with responsive design, then please check out this post from the Stayshine blog all about responsive web design. Forbes magazine issued a statement that any business in 2014 that does not implement responsive design should plan on not staying in business. Responsive websites change in “response” to the device on which they are being displayed. There is a difference between a mobile site and a responsive site. A mobile site is built specifically to be displayed on a small device, while a responsive site is built to handle any size device and change to suit the needs of the visitor while viewing your site on that device. At the beginning of 2014, 90% of American adults had a cell phone, 58% had smartphones, 32% owned an e-reader and 42% owned a tablet computer. That is according to, and those American adults most likely make up your customer demographic. It only makes sense to reach them on the devices they work and play on.

Stayshine web developers will develop a layout for your small business website that adjusts to different devices, but also we will work with you to determine what content (if any) should be excluded or included solely on mobile or desktop viewed sites. As an example, when a visitor goes to your website on their phone, perhaps it would be in the best interest of the consumer that there is easy on-site access of directions to your physical location. If they are on their phone there is a good chance they are out of their house and viewing your site in an attempt to locate a service that you may provide. On a desktop this feature would still be available, however it may be pushed further back on the site to make room for interesting articles about your business that are more likely to be read by a visitor while they are viewing your small business website on a larger display.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is so important to any businesses website or marketing campaign, yet most people really don’t understand what SEO is or how much work goes into strong SEO. To set the record straight, there are hundreds of ways to promote your small business website, but they all fall short if your companies on-site SEO is lacking. There is actually a potential for negative results if on-site SEO is performed improperly. Please read this Stayshine blog post on proper on-site SEO tactics if you want to learn more about what goes into building a good website foundation.

Over the years, search engines have created emmense amounts of rules and mystical algorithems to prevent people from using trickery and cheats to get their sites ranked high. Rules are good for everyone, they make sure that sites ranking at the top of search engines actually fit the criteria of what theit visitors are looking for. It ensures that you can find what your looking for and that the right people can find you as well

A lot goes into making sure your site is search engine friendly. Your website is equivelant to your warehouse, garage, resurant or shop. It must be built properly. Search engines can tell if your site was built proper, uses unique content, doesn't break rules, is user friendly and ligit. Once your business is online, your business is everywhere for everyone at anytime, when they visit your site we want them to be impressed, to know they are in good hands and we want you to know that with Stayshine, you too will be in good hands.

On-site SEO

We like for our clients to know that the work we promise to put into their small business website has actually been done and not just advertised. This is why upon completion of your website we will send you a website diagnostic email proving that your site measures up to the best practice standards of proper SEO and HTML5 website development. The website diagnostics are issued by third party software that scans your website and checks to make sure it conforms to guidelines that optimize it for search engine indexing and performance across different devices. We use a few different online web developer tool suites to fine tune your site as we build it. A few aspects of a proper on-site SEO foundation are having:

  • Sitemap.xml and robots.txt to inform the major search engines how to index your page
  • 404 error page and 301 redirects
  • Having an HTML title tag with the right amount of info and length
  • useful meta descriptions and keywords.
  • Proper use and placement of HTML heading tags on page
  • Proper use of text styling on keywords throughout content
  • Inner linking of pages to build the best overall user experience and Search Engine crawl
  • Images with proper file naming, description and alternative text (very important for SEO)
  • Semantic URL naming on all pages
  • 2-5% saturation of primary keywords and phrases
  • Code organization and best practices
  • Connections to and from your social network profiles

That list includes many of the ways we make sure your website is up to par with the big boys. Your website will run the same without most of these things being setup, but it won’t register the same to search engines and web crawlers. Here at Stayshine we stay current with web development practices, and so this list may grow or shrink over time, but you can always be sure that a site we design for your small business will have the proper foundation for search engines to index you by and for marketing campaigns to run properly over.


Elements of success on your small business website

There are a few elements that must go into any successful business website on top of the SEO work that we have mentioned above. A lead capture mechanism, social media integration and relative content are three of the very most important aspects of a working business website

Lead capture mechanism

Most people don’t spend money the first time they go to a website. So we need to make sure that they come back. Stayshine web developers include a contact form, newsletter signup or both on your site so that you have a way to contact visitors notifying them of future events or sales that your company is holding. It is a good idea to offer something for free in order to get visitors to leave their information. Stayshine web developers will discuss with you what ideas your small business could use to leverage these lead capture mechanisms into sales.

Social media integration

If you don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Google+ now, then you will want to begin. Besides the fact they make excellent networking tools, they also provide your main site with a lot of credibility because the search engines know that any links to your pages from a social networking platform were posted there by a real person and not part of some link spamming effort. Stayshine web developers will work on your profiles for these sites if you would like. We can set them up properly and most importantly we can set up the integration of your site back to the social media sites. This will allow real people to share the content from your small business website over their social profile. While we cannot maintain your social media We have a wealth of information that we would happily pass along to you to help as you move on in the future. One of the key ingredients to have in any social media marketing campaign is to realize that people don’t “Like” your brand, they like what it means to “Like” your brand. So by making your company stand for something, you will most likely in turn gain fans of people who stand for the same thing. Stayshine web developers can aid you in running any type of event over your site, your success is our success!


“Content is king”, you will read that a lot while researching website development and search engine optimization. Why? Because, it simply is true. All the major search engines work tirelessly to develop the best web indexing algorithms so that they can offer their visitors the best user experience. That experience means giving people the best results based off their searches. The best results have the most relevant and useful content, hence, “content is king”. Any attempts to bypass having relative content will fail. Luckily for you, Stayshine web developers can write copy for you. We can work with your PR department in whatever capacity makes the process easiest on you. In the end, we want for your webpage to have the best, most relevant content suited for your site. This must include text and images, but would also do well to include some video.

Think about blogging

A great way to always deliver new unique content is by blogging. Depending on what your company does, your blog will be different. Search engines like Google will see that your website is updated often and be more likely to send people back to your site because it is obvious that your website updates often with new content. This isn’t something that can be faked however. The content must be unique and it also helps if it is all related to the overall theme of the site and your business. Stayshine can set your small business website up with various blogging platforms. One of the best is Wordpress, we can actually build your entire website on Wordpress, which would make it easier for you and your employees to manage new content, add pictures, text and video or we can integrate a blog into your site keep and develop a custom CMS (content management system) specifically for your site which would allow you to update your main page news feed easily from anywhere.


Google Analytics

Stayshine developers will build a smart platform for your website. Over time, analyzable data on how visitors use your page will be collected for you automatically. This data will be useful to read how visitors spend their time on your pages. It will help us and you figure out what they like, what they use and what they might be missing. Using Google Analytics we can better design the flow of your website to make the user experience heightened. As search engines grow smarter, they will take into consideration the effort businesses put into making their sites user friendly.

If you ever decide that you want your website redone, this analytic data will help us to further optimize your small business websites future versions. Keep in mind that while a Stayshine developed site will last you a very long time, it will not last forever. Just as a ten year old site today is outdated, so will the sites of today be outdated a decade from now. By collecting data on your clients’ use of your webpages, it will be easier for us to build more intuitive application like sites for your small business down the line.


That extra ingredient (Custom HTML5 applications, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP)

The web we know is a brave new web. It is a smart web and it requires businesses to have smart websites. Stayshine web developers can create custom HTML5 applications for your small business to run. These are similar to websites in that they loads inside a browser, however they perform tasks like regular programs. Facebook would be considered an app, not a website. If you have an idea that could fuel your business to higher levels, we would love to code it into reality. It could be anything from a platform to launch newsletters, a companywide business agenda application, the possibilities are endless. Widgets can add that extra ingredient of success to your website by helping your clients find what they need on your site.



We can also build ecommerce sites that sell your items over the internet. This would require that you open an account with a credit card gateway so that your page can charge clients. Stayshine web developers don’t directly handle credit card numbers and neither should you online. It is too dangerous. There are plenty of safe options that allow your small business website to accept credit card payments without any liability to you or your business. If this is something that you would be interested in please contact us via our websites form or call Stayshine at 508-821-6572.