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March 2016 - Stayshine Web Development is now also Stayshine Web Hosting. Have a site that you need to have hosted? Our team would love to take care of you. Our server, like our service is fast and will minimize the troubles faced by those who try to host their own sites. We do backups that go back 1 month to ensure that your website, database and emails are as safe as possible. Your site should get the care and resourses it deserves, and so should you.

  • Websites, HTML5 and WordPress; We build em' and now we host em' too!
  • Faster than shared hosting, your customers get faster load times and we make you look good.
  • Productivity, Apps built for the web and mobile made to enhace the way you do work.
  • Not happy with your current host? Call Stayshine @ +1 508 821-6572.
  • Web Design - If you don't have a website or app then we can design, develop and host it for you.

April 21, 2015 Google began a shift in it’s search mechanics to favor websites that offer users a mobile friendly surfing experience. The basic idea is that since at least half of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, website owners should not only cater to desktop browsers. This is very true, very important, and members of the web development community have been pushing for this sort of standard now for a couple years, it is called responsive design. Stayshine web developers can make you and search engines indexing your site happy by making sure that your website meets the important standards that qualify as "mobile friendly". On top of making Google happy, it will give your visitors a better user experience and make them happy as well. For an example of responsive design, change the window size of your browser while on this website, or visit us on your tablet and mobile phone. Then, call Stayshine Web Developers at +1(508)-821-6572 and we can discuss how to upgrade your businesses website today! Alternatively, use our contact form and we will get in touch with you ASAP!

It’s important to your small business to have great web design. Stayshine web developers specialize in small business web design and SEO. As a small business ourselves, we know that you need to be able to compete with other businesses online while also being able to continue running your real life company. Stayshine developers study best practice responsive web design and know what is important for your website and its search engine optimization. We don’t just develop a site for you; we form your website around best web development practices that allow your site to blossom within a sea of other websites. Feel free to read our web design blog for tips and tricks on how to make your site better on your own or contact a Stayshine developer to learn more about how we can help you with your website.

Better web design

When we build a small business website for you, we are also building a business website with you. Stayshine developers work hand in hand with members from your team to figure out the best strategy for your small business website keywords, onsite SEO (search engine optimization), website flow, overall goals and visitor guidance to the sections of your site that will meet those goals. So for example, if you are trying to sell a product, we would try to come to the best solution of how to educate visitors on your site about that product and move them through the site towards the part of the page that allows them to make that purchase. At the same time we design your site so that people have a reason to come back to your website in case they don’t decide to become a customer of yours on their first trip. In 2014 every business needs a website, and every website also needs to be responsive to the needs of the multitude of devices being used by consumers. Stayshine developers can meet the needs of your business and your customers with an affordable and attractive website!

Recent sites we've worked on

Lacrosse Playground

Lacrosse Playground

Feeney Welding and Fence

Recent Small business website work we performed on Aquarian Pool and Spa


Recent Small business website work we performed on Aquarian Pool and Spa


Recent Small business website work we performed on Aquarian Pool and Spa

Aquarian Pools and Spa

Recent Small business website work we performed on Aquarian Pool and Spa

Small business website SEO

Your businesses website SEO (search engine optimization) is very important to its success. This includes using the right keywords through your page to establish relevancy with the search engines. Stayshine developers are up to date with SEO practices and will bake the best practiced methods right into your website. This will ensure that your company will be able to use whatever means of marketing on and off of your website and not have to worry about being penalized by the search engines trying to gain rank the wrong way or what is referred to as “Black Hat SEO”. After we build your website we will show you diagnostics run by third party programs that test to make sure your webpages were built correctly. This way you will be sure that your business is getting the best possible designed website for the money.

On-site SEO

Your sites on-page SEO consists of using the right keywords throughout your page, which we will work with you to create, and then making sure to write relevant content matching those keywords. On top of that there are certain methods to website programming and laying out content, images and meta-data that will give your small business great success starting with its on-site SEO. If you allow a company to build a site for you that does not have good SEO built into the actual coding of the site, then you will be working extra hard trying to get search engines to notice your page. The best small business web design solution to SEO is to have a well-made page, with regularly updated, unique and well maintained content. This means that you will have to update your content regularly after your site is launched. Stayshine developers can assist you in doing this yourself or we can help you to achieve the right amount of up to date content to stay relevant.